How to feel happy on Monday

January 16, 2017


Ever wondered why that depressing feeling comes by every Sunday evening? Of course - you might be thinking! “Monday is tomorrow” Nope! The real reason why you are feeling this way every week is really simple: You are not happy, at least not completely happy.  Below I’ve listed some exercises that will not only help you to keep positive but will make you start loving Mondays!



I hate Monday because… I hate my job:


Start looking for another job (duhh I have done that!) but even if it is taking a while remember that every Monday that passes, means you are one Monday closer to leaving it. Everyday is a new opportunity for a recruiter to be back at work and finding your CV.


I hate Monday because… I am bored about life:


Think about 3 things you really want to do: short term, medium term and long term.  It could be a trip, losing weight or even moving countries. Then start executing your ideas following the order and soon you will find yourself excited about your medium & long term goals to come.


I hate Monday because… I am working too much:


This is for those that love their job but been working too much lately. It doesn’t matter what is going on, just remember: unless you are curing cancer there is no need to lose your sleep about it. Take a day’s holiday or week and pamper yourself. (Did I mention My Beauty Squad can help you out with that? - sorry I had to let you know).


I hate Monday because… I have no reason whatsoever:


Well everybody hates Monday so why not do the same? Well have you ever heard that famous phrase from your mother: “if everybody else jumped off a bridge would you jump too?” Quite often people are caught up with the negativity of others and just becoming bitter about the week for the sake of being bitter! Remember Monday can also mean new beginnings, a new relationship, a breakthrough… and it means you are alive and ready for all the adventures that lay ahead.  So chin up, look at life straight in the eye and have a happy Monday! 

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