How to activate your inner shield

December 15, 2016


Have you ever found yourself surrounded by bad energy, negative people, an angry boss or just a complainer? Oh I bet you have and that’s why we are going to teach you how to activate your inner shield! It’s an imaginary negativity-barrier and believe me, it really works!

Step 1: Activate

When the perpetrator is recognised, program your mind to imagine a button to activate your shield: press it hard!

Step 2: Moderate

Remember; the best thing to the art of not listening to someone is to make sure they believe you are listening! While they do their crap talking, look at them in the eye and imagine you are somewhere else and don’t forget to randomly say some “convey” words strategically:

“Yeah” as the person is talking.

“Of course!” Agree with everything, there is no point in arguing with negative people.

“That’s crazy” pretend you care.

“I can’t believe that!” say as if you heard every single word.

Step 3: Release the power

As every good shield should do, your imaginary one should also protect you from personal attacks. It doesn’t matter what people do or say to you, always remember that your shield is strong and it attacks with three main components:

Karma: For every action there is a reaction. Let life catch up with it.

Character: Before taking on any attitude, analyze the person that is putting you down, do they have a happy life? Are they worth your precious time and energy?

Positivity: If you still feel the need to reply, play this simple game: for every negative thing the person says you will reply with a positive comment.

By practicing this constantly you will build a strong armor and eventually, negative people won’t want to come near you because your positivity shield will become unbreakable.

Chin up, hair down and beauty in ladies!

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